Creating a social app that makes people social again.
Intouch is an app that helps friends stay connected. Like a Google reminder or an alarm clock, Intouch provides time-based reminders to text or call your friends (or mom).
+ Product Strategy
+ Concept Development
+ Behavior Design
+ UX/UI Design
+ Branding
At first, Intouch was a product that helped friends stay connected by sharing content. We helped redefine their concept, drawing upon behavioral design and compelling visual design to recreate the app from the ground-up.
We worked closely with Intouch’s founding team to pivot their original concept. As a time-based reminder app, our new design greatly improved user attitudes. We helped build the new Intouch brand identity, UX and interface design.
Easy to use. Easy on the eyes.
We worked hard to ensure that Intouch would be super intuitive, while still remaining fun and delightful for any user. Any action that the user wants to take (add friends, call, text, add reminders) can be achieved from the relationships hub.
Talk or Chat. At the press of a button.
We wanted to make it quick and easy to start talking to the people you care about. Pressing any of the quick action buttons launches the native iOS apps (phone, messages, facetime). So you don't have to create yet another account just to talk to your friends. 
Adding friends is as simple as Tap.Tap.Tap.
Adding friends to the relationships hub is initially done during on boarding. Users can return to this screen at anytime to edit who they want to stay intouch with.
Different relationships. Different reminders
Since people have varying levels of relationships, we wanted to make sure that users could set a custom time for each contact. Whether you talk to your best friend every day or your uncle every month, we've got you covered.