Simplifying storytelling and story selling.
PRX helps startups and small businesses find PR coverage. PRX works with clients to create a story, curate a list of target media outlets, and then pitch the story to journalists. 
+Dashboard Design
+Information Architecture
+Interaction Design
Finding journalists to cover a story is a complex process that can be confusing for PRX clients. How can PRX ensure that their clients are well-informed throughout the process so that they know what's going on and what they need to do at each step?
We redesigned the PRX client dashboard so that the client is always anchored to a timeline that gives them an overview of the overall process.
A dashboard that shows you the past and future.
We worked closely to the founders of PRX to understand what they wanted their users to see, and what actions they should be able to take. Once logged into the account, users will be able to see which steps in the process they have completed and which steps need action taken.
Sorting information. Making complex terminology simple.
Public relations lingo can get pretty confusing. We reimagined PRX's 14 step process and created an easy to understand 4 step process. This makes the entire process more digestible and less intense.
All your stats. At a glance.
We wanted the user to be able to see how their PR campaign statistics ranked against not only their previous weeks but to other PR campaigns as well.
Adaptable. Yet accessible.
Sometimes you just want everything out of the way. We imagined a collapsable timeline feature that would magically shift all of your work over when open and make it front and center when closed.